CTS Internet of Things Technician (Smart City)

Trade Internet of Things Technician (Smart City) under the CTS course is a one-year duration course. For admission eligibility required min. age of 14 years as on the first day of the academic session with Entry Qualification Passed 10th class examination with Science and Mathematics or its equivalent. 

During the one-year duration of  CTS  “Internet of Things Technician (Smart City)” trade, a candidate is trained on Professional Skill, Professional Knowledge, and Employability Skills related job roles.

Internet of Things Technician(Smart City) : Tests electronic components and circuits to locate defects, using instruments such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, ammeters and voltmeters. Replaces defective components and performs basic/SMD soldering/de-soldering. Assembles, tests and troubleshoot various digital circuits. Constructs & tests electronic power supply circuit for proper functioning. Install, configure and interconnect different computer systems & networking for different applications. Develop various standard electronic circuits using electronic simulator software. Applies the principle of sensors & transducers for various IoT applications. Plans & interfaces input & output devices to evaluate performance with microcontrollers.


One Year


Level 4



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